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So, unless you would be satisfied with sporadic results for minor conditions, it is suggested you use only the highest quality equipment and only the proper, proven procedures in your personal research. If you do, you may discover that nothing can approach what can be achieved through the application of these safe, time-tested frequencies (many for over 65 years)- and all without drugs, surgery, or radiation.

One day, the name of Royal Raymond Rife may ascend to its rightful place as the giant of modern medical science. Until that time, his fabulous technology remains available only to the people who have the interest to seek it out. While perfectly legal for veterinarians to use to save the lives of animals, Rife”s brilliant frequency therapy remains taboo to orthodox mainstream medicine because of the continuing threat it poses to the international pharmaceutical medical monopoly that controls the lives – and deaths – of the vast majority of the people on this planet.

"The Royal Rife Story"
( Below are MP3 Audio Clips from the MPEG Video Documentary.)

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  1. Dr. Rife”s Laboratory – Isolating the cancer virus – Injecting the cancer virus – Growing cancer virus – The very first pictures of the cancer virus – Showing dead cancer virus after using ray tube instrument

Editors comment: The above is an incredible story. Whether or not how much is actually fact remains to be seen, but I think worthy of further investigation. At this point in time, I will continue to investigate and report back. Any of your comments and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Please email me with your thoughts.

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