Vectra Home Gym Reviews

Vectra Home Gym Reviews

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When it comes to making high quality home gyms, Vectra Fitness is the leader.

Vectra Fitness is meticulous at bringing to the market products that are well engineered

and bio mechanically correct. Whether you are looking for a compact home gym, a functional

training gym, or a multi-stack home gym; Vectra has you covered. Made in the USA,

the craftsmanship is clearly evident in all their products. Here you will find reviews

on the current home lineup from Vectra Fitness.

The Vectra 1450 home gym is a high quality and compact gym that is extremely versatile

and easy to use. It is the most complete compact, fixed pattern home gym that you

will find in a 6’ x 6’ footprint. Vectra uses high quality cables, pulleys, and guide

rods that produce one of the smoothest motions we have seen on any home gym. The

heavy duty frame structure ensures plenty of durability for your vigorous strength

You also have the ability to choose 4 different frame colors and 14 different

colors of upholstery to customize the machine to your personal preference. The 1450

has a lot of features which are typically not seen on most home gyms. It has a 7

position bench that allows you to do pressing exercises at all angles as well as

the ability to use dumbbells for added workout variety. Their are a good selection

of exercises to target the lower body on the 1450. From the ability to do squats

and calf raises, to lying down leg curls, the Vectra 1450 is a very well rounded

lower body gym. *Most home gyms only allow leg curl/ext and an optional leg press.

The leg extension is very smooth and comfortable. Vectra doesn’t use the foam roller

pads that are seen on most home gyms that tend to be uncomfortable on the ankles

The chest fly has three different swivel attachment points for the handles to

better fit individual users. One of the most innovative features of the 1450 is the

ability to adjust the high pulley to accommodate low ceiling heights. Most home gyms

are designed to fit in a 7’ room, but some households or basements are shy of this.

The 1450 is capable of fitting rooms from 6’6” to 6’11”. The high and low pulleys

also provide a good variety of exercises to hit the upper and lower body muscles.

Vectra by far has the smoothest lat pulldown station you will ever find on a home

gym. This gym also allows you to do dips or shrugs with the press arm. If your looking

for a commercial quality like experience but need a compact design for your home,

the Vectra 1450 is worth trying out.

We rate the Vectra 1450 home gym with a “Highly Recommended” rating for a fully featured,

The Vectra 1650 home gym offers a large selection of quality exercises in a space

efficient design. The 1650 has several features that make this gym very unique and

stand out among its competitors. This gym has a seven position bench that is removable

from the press arm station, allowing you to incorporate some dumbbell exercises.

The press arm station is also unique in that it can be set in the normal machine

“fixed pattern” mode or unlocked to a free pattern mode giving you the feel and balance

of using a normal barbell. The free mode is more challenging for the user by allowing

them to control the path of the press arm (like a barbell), and will bring in to

play more stabilizer muscles. This press arm has a fingertip release lever making

The Vectra 1650 affords a great selection of lower body exercises. The ability

to perform squats and calf raises off of the press arm is a great feature to really

target the lower body muscles. You can also add the leg press option to add even

more variety. The mid pulley on the leg ext/leg curl station can convert to perform

a preacher curl exercise to target the biceps and also perform weighted abdominal

crunches. The high pulley is adjustable to accommodate different ceiling heights

(like the 1450). The low pulley station swivels to allow you more freedom to perform

various upper and lower body exercises such as cable bicep curls or inner/outer thigh

The Vectra 1650 home gym is not only very versatile and easy to use, it’s aesthetically

pleasing design and choice of different frame and upholstery colors will make it

fit your personal preferences and room decor. The 1650 is a high quality home gym

that will give you many years of great strength training workouts in the comfort

We rate the Vectra 1650 home gym with a “Recommended” rating for a high end home

If you are looking for perhaps the ultimate in a single stack fixed pattern home

gym, then the Vectra VX18 is the gym for you. The VX18 is like having a full circuit

of health club quality machines encompassed into one unit that will fit in your home.

This gym is efficient, easy to use, and delivers the quality and durability that

is not seen on other gyms.

There are several features that really make the VX18 stand out among the competition.

The parallelogram direct drive press arm makes all your pressing exercises feel great

with the natural arc motion. The ability to remove the bench from the gym allows

for supplemental dumbbell exercises and the chest supported row is a great exercise

for the back. The contoured lower leg pads on the leg extension not only automatically

adjust to each user but they also are much more comfortable than most home gyms.

The seat bottom on the leg extension pops up to transition smoothly into a standing

The ratcheting design on the pec fly allows each user to quickly adjust the proper

range of motion to fit their personal preference. If you are looking for a smooth

high and low pulley system, then the Vectra VX18 really delivers. This is by far

one of the highest quality and smoothest home gyms on the market. There is a great

selection of exercises for the lower body on the VX18. The squat and calf raise station

provide a very natural feel and range of motion. You also have the option of adding

two different style leg press stations to the VX18. One leg press (VX11), has its

own weight stack so you can perform this exercise independently of other users. The

other utilizes the existing weight stack. For the stronger fitness enthusiast, this

gym has the ability to get a true 310 lbs out of the pressing station when you add

the heavy weight stack option and remove the press arm springs. With the Vectra VX18,

you can really take the health club strength training experience into the privacy

We rate the Vectra VX18 home gym with a “Highly Recommended” rating for a top of

the line high end home gym

The Vectra VX28 is the combination of the Vectra VX18 and VX11 leg press. This

is a great two stack system for someone that wants the VX18 with the additional leg

press with its own weight stack. The VX11 has some additional exercises to add to

your workout variety. The mid pulley on the VX11 lets you perform a preacher curl

to really isolate your biceps and a overhead tricep extension to finish off your

If you like the Vectra VX18, but have several people that want to workout at the

same time, then the Vectra VX38 may be an ideal choice for you. This three stack

home gym gives you essentially a health club quality circuit of stations in the convenience

of your home. With the Vectra VX38 you can have three people working out simultaneously.

This is a great system for the multi-person household that likes to train together,

schools, businesses, training studios, or for someone looking for the most time efficient

The Vectra VX48 is the most complete four stack home gym on the market. It is

the combination of the Vectra VX38 along with the addition of the VX11 leg press

station. With the Vectra VX48 you can have up to four people training at the same

time. This gym will bring the ultimate multi-stack health club experience to the