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Extreme Fitness

My name is Ian Hockley, I am the father of Dylan, who was taken from us in the Sandy Hook School shooting last 12/14. My wife and I started a foundation to support children with autism and other special needs. Dylan was autistic, and with the help of his teachers, family and friends was making such great progress in his development. We are planning many fund raising activities this year and running is a core focus. A group of friends from …

Extreme Fitness Edison New Jersey

As I move on to new and exciting things with the opening of my gym on April 1st I thought it a good time to vent and clear the air on some of the old! As many of you know I was contacted by the former WWF champion wrestler The Ultimate Warrior last year to take part in the filming of Warrior University on June 3rd in Edison NJ. I went,met,and took part in the video/workout/dinner afterwords. It was a great experience and gave me the …hondrocream

Extreme Fitness Friday Harbor

Scott Brennan sends over this account of last week’s event and he says they might do it again if there is enough interest… On Sunday April 14th fourteen women attended the free DV/SAS Women’s Self Defense seminar held in Friday Harbor. The participants were all ages from 13 on up, with several mother/daughter teams. The class was sponsored by DV/SAS as part of Sexual Assault Awareness month. It was led by instructors Scott & Leslie …hammer of thor

The NFL Draft Bible shines the spotlight on Ivan Candelaria, Director of Sports Rehabilitation at Peak Performance Rehabilitation in Staten Island NY. He is also the Owner/Founder of RAD Radical Athletic Development consulting and the Director of Sports Performance at Xtreme Fitness in Edison NJ, where he focuses his attention to high school, college athletes and NFL combine training. Candelaria has helped players such as Brian Cushing, …hair megaspray

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Last Saturday, the self-proclaimed “toughest fitness event in the planet” claimed its first death since it was founded in 2010. 28-year old Avishek Sengupta died in accidental drowning in one of the event’s obstacles in West Virginia. Although this is new for the Tough Mudder organizers, it is not the first casualty in extreme fitness events. Last year, a man died while participating in Warrior dash in Texas and a couple more people in …kankusta duo

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It’s the month when gym memberships spike and fitness equipment flies off store shelves. I think most of us begin the year wanting to be healthier,and fitness stands as an essential element of that endeavor. Logical. Reasonable. Commendable. Yet,the common interpretation of what it will take to get there suddenly veers off in a white knuckle,nonsensical detour. Yes,let’s hear it for the chronic cardio model. As a former cardio king,I rack …varikosette

In the past few years, the Western world has seen a wave of followers develop as proponents of the Paleo-style diet. The virtual army of dedicated Paleo-eaters are hard to miss online these days, with any Paleo-related article getting flooded with comments and arguments as soon as they’re discovered. Perpetuated by famous Paleo-endorsers such as Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf, and Mark Sisson, Paleo has turned into quite the movement. By the …hammer of thor

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After years of hard training, bodybuilders, fitness and physique and figure competitors took to the stage on Saturday night [May 4] as they took part in the Bodybuilding & Fitness Extravaganza hosted by the Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. The women’s figure division, which is judged more on lines and aesthetic rather than the extreme conditioning and increased muscularity required for bodybuilding, had three entrants. …